• iFly-737NG for P3Dv4 (64-bit) Released

      iFly and Flight1 are pleased to announce that our award-winning 737NG is now available for Prepar3d v4 (64-bit). The new version is not a simple “port over” from P3Dv3, but a new version compiled through the P3Dv4 SDK and compiled as a 64-bit version of the 737NG. The 737NG flight systems have been updated to give you better performance in the 64-bit environment. We have also added new dynamic lighting and HDR reflections to the airframe, ground, and surrounding objects to provide […]

  • Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released!

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1   Available from your downloads page, more here: http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2017/06/114375/ Fixes and Improvements Fixed an issue in VR views that prevented dynamic lighting in the right eye Fixed memory leak related to external views and vehicle textures Fixed performance impact when entering and then exiting VR Fixed text label size mismatches in VR Fixed the F-16 speedbrakes […]

  • FlightControlReplay V3.5 Released.

    The developer Fabio Merlo, has announced P3Dv4 compatibility for his flight recording and playback tool, FlightControlReplay Professional Edition. For more information see the product page on simMarket here: http://secure.simmarket.com/fabio-merlo-flightcontrolreplay-professional-edition-fsx-p3d.phtm […]

  • The Heron's Nest: Now in P3Dv4!

    Bill Womack's excellent Heron's Nest freeware has been upgraded to be P3Dv4 compatible.     After a bit of tweaking, the Heron's Nest v2 is now available for Prepar3D v.4. Not much changed on the island, except for the addition of dynamic night lighting in the land and float hangars; now they'll illuminate your plane when you pull in for the night. The installer is specifically for P3Dv4, and has been added to your account on the Heron's Nest download screen. To get it, log […]

  • Alabeo Cessna 310R II

      Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Alabeo's Cessna 310R. Alabeo have an ever increasing stable of GA aircraft, does this one meet Andrew's very high standards? Read on... […]

  • PF3 " ATC at its best." version 3.5.0 released

    OnCourse Software are pleased to announce the release of PF3 version 3.5.0, which is free to all existing users and includes additional support for MCE and P3D V4 amongst many other changes and general ongoing maintenance.   More details available from www.ocs-support.co.uk/forums […]

  • MBS international airport released!

    Hello everyone,To those of you who followed the original development threads about MBS airport years ago, I am pleased to announce that after a considerable hiatus MBS airport has finally been completed and is now available to buy. It was started under my own brand of WDS, but since joining Turbulent Designs I have since discontinued WDS, therefor MBS airport is released as a Turbulent Designs product and is now ready to buy direct and exclusively from the Turbulent Designs website. The […]

  • Free Airport Charts!

    We have just launched our new forum section totally dedicated to John Allard's Airport charts! Click here to view/download   The source data is derived from default FSX scenery so unlike real world plates they will reflect what you see in the sim. The diagrams are also compatible with FSX, FSX: Steam Edition, and Prepar3D data.   John's plates can also be seamlessly integrated with Tim Arnot's Plan-G flight planning software  […]

  • Beti-X - Bella Coola

      Just published is Jess' review on Beti-X's CYBD - Bella Coola for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11.   Bella Coola, British Columbia, population 148 ... We have been there in FSX & P3D now see the X-Plane perspective with Jess'  inimitable style! Read on...   […]

  • ANNOUNCING… PREPAR3D V4 - Available May 30!

    ANNOUNCING… PREPAR3D V4 05-23-17   Lockheed Martin is proud to announce that the next generation of simulation and training will start on May 30, 2017 with the public release of Prepar3D v4. The release culminates over eight years of Lockheed Martin development and welcomes major enhancements and new capabilities.   Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v4 – available May 30, 2017   […]