How it started

I wish I could fly

Probably like most boys I looked at Greenlandair fly around in all weathers. Can particularly remember when I flew to Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund). First we flew with DC-6 from Kangerlussuaq to Mestersvig.

What I particularly remember the trip was the flight with Bell 204 from Mestersvig to Ittoqqortoormiit. Flew low over a landscape which I still remember back on. Everything was great and the scenery was almost frightening.

Having flown most part of our lovely country. But as I usually remember is that when you flew between high mountains. Beautiful scenery as you can just keep looking at.

1993 was the year Microsoft released Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 (MSFS) for PC. It was fun, but didn’t have Greenland! Then came MSFS 2002 in 2001, it had some airports in Greenland. But the landscape was not like the scenery you could see out the window. In 2003 MSFS 2004 was relesed, it was a good release. Now we could begin to make better landscapes, so it was more realistic.

The first website with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) and Greenland started in 2003, the name was KalaK-FlightSim.

It resulted from the lack of a site where people could find scenery, aircraft etc. related to MSFS and Greenland. So I decided to create KalaK-FlightSim, and thereby try to collect as many files as possible. So could people who are interested in MSFS and Greenland have one site they could find files and news on. One thing was certain, I would like to fly with “our” own Greenlandair colors! But it was not easy to find out there on the web.

But when you are interested in MSFS and flying around in Greenland, it was not always fun. This is because the landscapes that Microsoft had made for MSFS were not recognizable, and some where useless. Therefore I sat down to create landscapes. And the first “Nuuk Scenery” was released in 2004, and then “Sisimiut” in 2005.

In october 2006 I decided to make 3D landscapes for MSFS. This because MSFS X didn’t have good landscape for Greenland.

Then FlightSim Greenland was created and Kalak-FlightSim was replaced by the new site.

/Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard


Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard
Scenery Creator

Born in Qaqortoq 1967. Now living in Sisimiut. Started FlightSim Greenland. Designs scenery, repaints airplane/helicopter textures. Loves to sail and fish in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.


Lars Larsen
Scenery and Texture

Born in Upernavik in 1968. Have travelled all over Greenland for many years. Now living in Denmark. Scenery design Рdrawing lakes and streams. Project planning and design. Former vicepresident of the now defunct virtual danish airline Duckling Air (1997-2005) and aircraft repainter.


Mads Petersen
Scenery and Texture

Born in 1981 in Qeqertarsuaq, now living and working as an Airport Manager in Maniitsoq. Became a member of FlightSim Greenland, October 2010. Designs novice-scenery, repaints airplanes and helicopter textures, building custom-made sceneries. Love to sail and fish and hunt in the summer period beside being football player.


Jesper Isbosethsen
Texture Painter