Qeqqata X

Project-Area-235x300Qeqqata X scenery package is the most real mesh for Fligh Simulator X for Qeqqata Municipality area.

QeqqataX cover the same area as Qeqqata Municipality.

It have three airports:
* Kangerlussuaq (BGSF)
* Sisimiut (BGSS)
* Maniitsoq (BGMQ)

The entire area have new custom made terrain.
The coastline including the islands are custom made.
All the lakes and rivers are custom made. The land class including different land class polygons are custom made.
Buildings in Kangerlussuaq Airport are all custom made with real photo textures.
Standard FSX buildings have been used in the 5 villages: Sarfannguit, Itilleq, Kangaamiut, Napasoq and Atammik.
We have included fictitious airstrips around the scenery.

Total area: 115.500 km2 (44,595 mi2)
8,044 River Polygons
18,737 Lake Polygons
879,343 Grass Polygons – land class
3,418,938 Rock Polygons – land class

Finn Alfred Olesen – added FSX standard object in Itilleq, Sarfannguit, Kangaamiut, Napasoq and Atammik.
Lars Larsen – Rivers and Lakes polygons, easter egg airstrips.
Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard – Mesh, land class, coastline, custom made buildings.

Beta test team:
Finn Olesen, Lars Larsen, Mads Petersen, Jesper Isbosethsen and David Williams.


Size1.4 GB